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Quick Start Tips for the STFX LyrisListManager9

LyrisListmanager9.1 documentation is available at:



Logging In –List Administrators

• In order to access the ListManageradministrator interface, you'll need to open a web browser and point it to the ListManagerAdministrator login page.


When you log into ListManager, you'll be asked for your email address or name and password. List Administrators must use their email address.

- You'll be taken to the homepage for the last list you've worked on.
- You are always logged into a single list. If you have more than one list, and you'd like
to change to that list, click on the list name in the upper right hand corner of the
screen. You will be taken to a menu that will allow you to select another list.


We recommend that each administrator have an individual login, because ListManagerremembers the settings for each administrator.

You will be presented with a sidebar down the left side of the screen with available actions based on your access rights. Keep in mind that the actions listed here apply only to the current list selected. So, for example if you hit the Members –
View Members button, you will only see the members for the current list you have selected.

This is a close-up of the actual sidebar (fully collapsed).
The best way to get familiar with these settings is to explore while perusing the online manual at:


Members Settings

This area is probably the most important for managing those who use your listserv. Key areas are:

Add Members–add members to your listserv individually (useful for adding a user who may not be able to subscribe by e-mail), or en masse by importing a text or CSV file.
View Members–see all the members currently subscribers to your list, as well as select them for editing.
Delete Members–manually delete members who may not be able to remove themselves from e-mail.
Users can generally issue many of these commands themselves through e-mail addressed to
ie. To subscribe to a list, send an email with no message to subscribe- listname@listproc.stfx.caor


You will receive a confirmation e-mail requesting you to confirm your subscription. If you didn’t want to join, simply do nothing, and the Listmanagerserver will automatically cancel your subscription. To confirm a subscription, simply reply to
the message.

A more complete summary of all the e-mail commands that can be issued are available at

This area is for setting up content to be utilized with mailings, ie. attachments, document templates, surveys, etc. This feature can be useful for simplifying repetitive mailings and tasks.

In this area a list admin can further define or specify a segment of subscribers within the list itself that they want to target for a mailing. This feature tends to be more useful for commercial e-mailers, but it can be handy for say only mailing all users
who subscribed in the last week or month. There are many different types of criteria that can be specified.


This area provides quick access to viewing mailing status and creating mailings while logged into the web interface. It is also useful for setting up e-mail scheduling and for approving messages (if list is moderated).

This area gives a nice overhead view of the list activity through graphs and metrics.

This area contains all of the settings specific to your list(s), and can be customized accordingly. This is useful for automatic cleanup maintenance, turning on or off message archiving, and setting up new subscriber policies.

Forgotten Password
If you fail to log in to the administrator's interface, you will be prompted to click a link to have a message emailed to you that will allow you to set a new password.
Note that this functionality is for administrators only; if you are not an administrator, you may have your password emailed to you if you fail to log into the discussion forum interface.


Regular Subscribers

By entering this URL in a browser (don’t forget the final slash after “read”) you may:

• Learn about forums available on the server
• Log in, and view which forums you are subscribed to
• Subscribe and unsubscribe from forums
• Read archived messages
• Search the message archives
• Hold conferences (chat sessions) with other members
• Manage your membership settings
• Find out more about a forum

In addition, list administrators may:
• Edit archived messages
• Delete archived messages

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