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Local Calls

External Calls
Dial 8 + ten digit number

Internal Calls
Dial the four digit extension


Long Distance Calls

Providing your department has permitted long distance calls to your line you can make lon distance calls by following the steps below.

To Canada & United States
Dial 8 + 1 + ten digit number

Overseas Calling
Dial 8 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number


Long Distance Rates

Prime Time Evenings & Weekends
Canada $0.13/min $0.10/min
United States $0.17/min $0.13/min

For overseas rates contact IT Services


Call Forwarding

You can forward your phone to another campus line if you are not going to be in your office for a period of time by pressing forward, the four digit extension, and then forward.


Conference Calling

Digital lines have the ability to conduct conference calls with up to six participats, including yourself. More details on conference calls can be found under the Telephone section of our website.


Accessing Your Voicemail

On Campus: Dial 3000
Off Campus: Dial (902) 867 - 3000

Enter the four digit voicemail box followed by # and your password followed by # to complete the login process.


Personal Greetings

While logged into voicemail press 82
At the prompt select one of the following options
1- For your External Greeting
2 - For your Internal Greeting
9 - For your personal verification
5 - Press 5 to begin recording your personal greeting followed by # to end your recording.


Changing Your Password

While logged into your voicemial press 86.
When prompted, enter a new password followed by #.
Enter the new password again for verification, followed by #.
When prompted, enter your current password followed by #.


Listening to Your Voicemail

2 - Play your messages
76 - Delete the previous message
# - Pause the message during the playback
6 - Go to the next message
4 - Go to the previous message
1 - Rewind 5 seconds in current message
3 - Fast-forward 5 seconds in current message

Listened to message will be purged from voicemail every 5 days.



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