Telecommunications - Conference Call Instructions


Please follow with of the 2 methods below for setting up a conference call from a St. FX telephone.

St. FX Conference Call Instructions (using your digital display phone):

1) Call the first party.

2) While on the call, press CONFERENCE. The other party is now on hold and you recieve a dial tone.

3) Dial the number of the second party to add. When the call is answered, you may talk privately with the second party to inficate that you are setting up the conference call and to hold while you get the next caller on line.

4) Press CONFERENCE again to include all parties.

5) Repeat steps 2 - 4 to add additional parties.

You can give this a try with other people in the office, just to get accustomed to the various steps!
On campus digital sets have settings of up to 3 conference call participants (including the originator) or up to 6 conference call participants (including the originator). You can contact the IT Services Help Desk to confirm the conferencing ability of your telephone line.


Aliant Assisted Conference Calling

If you need a number of participants to phone into a bridge please phone 1-800-561-7338 to have an Aliant operator assist with the setup.

You will provide them with
- the phone numbers and names of the parties involved in the teleconference
- the account (telephone number) to which you will be charging the call.
Indicate your own St. FX telephone number (i.e.: 902-867-5023)

The rate for operator assisted calls is somewhere between $0.30-$0.42 per minute per line (depending on where you are calling), on top of our long distance charges.

Using Teams for Conference Calls

Microsoft Teams is also very useful for conference calls. Please use the links below for more help on how to set up a meeting using Outlook.

Microsoft Teams Meeting on Outlook Desktop Client

Microsoft Teams Meeting on Outlook Online




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