MyPassword Setup

Starting July 24th, all students, faculty, and staff will be required to set up an authentication (or recovery) phone number and email address. Please follow these quick steps to ensure no loss of account access and facilitate account recovery.


First Log In

Begin by clicking the Next button.


On this page, you will be required to supply either a recovery phone number, a recovery email address, or both. We highly suggest that you set up both if possible.


On the recovery phone number page, begin by selecting your country or region, followed by your phone number. If it is a mobile phone number, you can have a verification code texted to you, while a home phone would require a phone call. In either case, click the appropriate button below ("Text me" or "Call me").


A verification code will be either texted to you, or spoken to you via a phone call. Input that 6-digit verificiation code in the box that appears and press "Verify".


You will be brought back to the main page. We recommend that you quickly set up your recovery email as well.


Similarly to the recovery phone number, you will need to input an external email address that is not from StFX (ie: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc...). Then, press the "Email me" button and you will receive a verification code to that email address. Enter the verification code in the box that appears and press "Verify".


If you see two green checkmarks, you are all done setting up your recovery (or authentication) phone number and email address. Click Finish to be brought to your Office 365 portal or mailbox.



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