Managing Multiple Accounts with Firefox

Environment:  StFX users who manage multiple account and are struggling with using private browsers to access email inboxes or Onedrive data as well as department social media accounts.

Purpose: Provide a potential solution to users with Firefox Add-in Multiple Account Containers


Mozilla Firefox has added an extension to its Internet browser allowing users to use organize their accounts.    The extension separates accounts into "Containers" which store Cookies (bits of information gained from your Internet browsing) independently of one another.   Very handy for those at StFX who manage multiple accounts.  This would allow you to open several accounts without having to log out / log in each time or using private browsers.


What do I need to do?

The Multi-Account Container Extension is cross platform with add ins for Windows and Mac, you will need to ensure your Firefox is up to date with the latest version.  How to update Firefox

  Windows Installation Instructions

  Mac Installation Instructions



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