Credential Manager

WebFX Printing (Konica Minolta) - Updating Windows Credential Manager

This guide will walk through an introduction to the Windows Credential Manager.

You will need to follow this guide any time that you change your webFX password to continue using webfxprinting.

Locating Credential Manager

1) Click on the Start menu button
2) Click on Control Panel


Click on User Accounts and Family Safety


Click on Credential Manager


* Note: If you are printing with a Staff or Faculty account, you will click on edmund instead of webfxprinters.

Click on webfxprinters


Click Edit


1) In the password field, enter your current webFX password. This is the same password used for your webmail and wireless access.
2) Click Save

You have now successfully updated your webFX password within credential manager to continue using personal printing to the webFX Printers.

* Note: You will notice within step four and five that there are several entries in the credential manager. When changing the entry for webfxprinters, we suggest verifying the other entries to ensure that any webFX credentials saved have been updated with your new password. These can include your H and W network drives (Juno & Alonso) and Outlook that is setup with your webmail (,



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