Voice mail Greeting

All greeting can be changed while logged into your voice mail box. 

Logging into your voice mail

Record an Internal Greeting

This greeting need only be used if internal callers are to receive a different greeting
than the one played to all other callers.
1. Press – Internal Greeting.
2. Press – Wait for tome to speak.
3. Press - When Finished.
4. Press – To replay Greeting.
5. Press 76 –To delete (Repeat.
6. Press 4 - To return to messages.
7. Exit 83 – To log off.
To bypass greeting- If you are calling another Voice Mail user on campus and wish to
bypass their greeting, press # and you will go directly into their mailbox.


Record/exchange an External Greeting

The external greeting will be played to all incoming calls from off campus, and to
internal callers as well, unless an internal greeting has been recorded.
1. Log on.
2. Press 82.
3. Press 1- External Greeting.
4. Press – Wait for tone to speak.
5. Press # when finished recording.
6. Press – To replay Greeting.
7. Press 76- To delete greeting (Repeat steps 4 to 6 to re-record).
8. Press - To return to messages.
9. Exit 83 to log off.


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