Web Based Printing

Web Printing

First, Save your document to your desired location.

  1. Open a browser (Firefox/Chrome/Edge) Enter philo:9191/user into the URL bar.
    1. Login with your webFX username & password
  2. On the left hand menu, click on "Web Printing"
  3. Click "Submit a Job"
  4. Select the Queue you would like your job to print to.
    1. Simplex = Single Sided
    2. Duplex = Double sided
  5. Select the number of copies you would like then click "Upload Documents".
    1. You can either drag and drop your file into the location specified on the screen, or you can click "Upload from computer" and browse to the location you saved your document to.
  6. Once you have finished uploading documents, click on "Upload & Complete"
  7. Once the document has finished rendering, click "Submit a Job".
  8. Once you have submitted a job for printing you can choose to either ...
    1. Release All - This feature will release all the documents you have queue'd to print to a printer of your choosing.
    2. Select specific jobs from your print queue to release to a printer of your choosing Under the Action column, you can either ...
      1. Print -  Which will release that specific job to a printer of your choosing.
      2. Cancel - Will remove your job from your print queue.
  9. Once you have decided which of the previous options to go with, select the printer you would like to have handle your job.

After a few moments your screen will refresh, your document will be gone from your queue and will be waiting for you at the printer you selected.

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