Navigating Moodle

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Environment: StFX's Learning Management System Moodle. Available at

Purpose:  Learn how to navigate through Moodle as a professor. 

1. In the Course Overview area of your dashboard are all the courses that you are enrolled in . If you cannot see one of your courses, first get in touch with your department to make sure that they created your course in Banner properly. If you cannot see your courses, click "Course Overview". If you still cannot see your course, please submit a ticket with IT Services.

2. View courses that are "In Progress", "Future" or "Past". Remember that "Past" courses will only appear as such when you close the course. 

3. If you cannot find your course in your course offerings, click "Courses" in the top menu and search for your course. 

4. Click here to access Microsoft Apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

5. Course administration button. 


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