Guide to using Lockdown browser at STFX

Faculty expectations:

Checklist for faculty: 

(  ) Print off extra paper exams

(  ) Add multiple attempts to test (should Lockdown browser crash)

(  ) Ensure students know their StFX login information

1. Carry out a ‘mock test!’

a. This is critical that you do this. By administering a simple, fun 3 question quiz, we can trouble shoot any issues prior to the ‘real assessment!’

b. It should take but 5 minutes to do this.

c. Make sure Academic Technologist or equivalent is on hand to help with any trouble shooting that might be needed.

2. Faculty MUST enable the RLB “block” within their course

a. To enable the RLB, faculty must ‘Add a block’ from which you would select the RLB.

b. There is a video on the Moodle landing page that demonstrates how to do this.

3. Backup

a. I would have a duplicate of the quiz made and have it visible to only members of the ‘test group.’

b. Create an empty ‘test’ group and have it ready to be populated at the time of the test

c. If for some reason, a student cannot get RLB to function correctly, enter the student into the test group and then they can then do the test using the normal browser

4. Turn off ‘Auto-linking’ prior to the test.

a. By default, all courses have auto-linking enabled. Many faculty like this feature so from a ‘global’ perspective, it will remain enabled.

b. You can, however, disable the auto-linking at the course level:

i. Go to the course

ii. Go to the ‘Course Administration’ block

iii. Locate and click on ‘Filters’

c. Locate and drop the menu and select ‘No’

d. At the bottom, click on ‘Save changes.’

Student expectations:

1. Make sure that the students have:

a. Downloaded the program (

b. Installed the program

i. These are two separate steps that have to be carried out!

c. The Mac OS needs more modifications that the Window OS

i. System Preferences – Sharing – Extensions – toggle off everything

1. This is all explained in the Student handout

2. Make sure students have their device completely charged prior to the testing time!

3. Have the students RESTART their computer

a. Preferably right in the classroom they are going to write in (this will allow it to connect to the wireless AP’s in the classroom)

b. It amazes me how many of the students cannot recall when they did an actual restart!

c. If student’s wish not to do a restart in class, then they should do it at least a half hour prior to the class – once again, many do not restart their computers and then when they do they end up having to carry out updates. These can take a long time!

4. Turn down screen brightness to save battery power.

5. Netiquette – have students turn off (or airplane mode) wireless on their devices not being used – even though they are not using their phone, it is still pulling a little band width from the whole – less devices on, the band width for the Moodle exam

6. Shut down ALL programs

a. Only one active application should be running – the Respondus Lockdown Browser!

i. Check the ‘task bar’

1. Windows – will see what applications are open via icon

2. Mac – the ‘dot’ under the icon indicates that program is active


Often, Respondus will not work on Macs and when opened will display an error message. To get Respondus to work on Mac, you must

  1. Select your System Preferences
  2. Then select Sharing
  3. Be sure to 'uncheck' all of the boxes so that there are none selected

Close your System Preference window.

Now boot up your Respondus application - even though you won't have a quiz to access - just make sure you can for now access the StFX site using this application.

BE SURE to "QUIT" not close all programs prior to starting Respondus.

7. iPad users – make sure to UPDATE to the most recent version of the Respondus app

During course of writing the quiz/exam:

• In a situation where the computer appears to “Freeze Up” –

o Do a REFRESH on the browser

• In other instances, the student can close the browser – need to enter a reason why before exiting and then bring RLB back up

o The student will pick up where they left off once they re-enter using the Respondus Browser


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