Using the H5P plugin for interactive video

Environment: StFX's Learning Management System Moodle. Available at

Purpose: The H5P plugin is an easy way to add visually appealing, and easy to use content on Moodle. Learn how to create an interactive video. 

1. Go to the Moodle course you would like to edit and click "Turn editing on" by clicking on the gear at the top right of the page.

2. Under the topic where you would like to add H5P, click "Add an activity or resource". 

3. A new window will open. Scroll down and choose "Interactive content" and then click "add". 

4. A new page will load and now you can choose which H5P feature you would like to use. If the H5P feature is not available, simply click the white and blue button on the right called "Get". A new page will load. Click "Install". Once the content has successfully downloaded, click "Use"

5.  Add a title to your content

6. Add a video by clicking the + icon. Youtube videos can easily be added by simply pasting the URL. 

7. Adding interactions to video with H5P is easy. After you have uploaded the video, click "Add interactions"

8. Along the top menu bar, choose the feature you would like to add. Then click and drag it to the portion of the video where you would like to place it. 

9. For the purpose of this example, I have chosen to add a multiple choice question to the video. Once you arrive at a point in the video where a multiple choice question is needed, click the multiple choice button in the menu. A window will open up showing you options: 

Please note: For best results make sure you pause the video while students answer the multiple choice question. 

10. Add one or many multiple choice questions. To add questions, click "Add questions" to add more options to each question, click "Add answer". 

11. When you are done creating the question, click "Done" on the top right. 

12. When you click done, the question will appear in a box on the video. You can adjust the location and size of the question box. 

13. Repeat steps 8 to 12 to add more content to the video. 

14.  When you have completed adding questions, click "Summary task".

15. A summary task is the last task that will display for the students (it appears at the end of the video). A summary task is similar to a multiple choice question. If you would like to delete the summary task, click the 'x' icon near "set of statements":

Then, confirm the deletion of the summary task. 

16. Once you are done editing the video and adding content, scroll down and click the drop down for "Grade". Here, you can assign a grade to the video and have it appear in your gradebook. 

17. Click "Save". Remember to preview the video and its content.


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