FortiClient VPN Setup Windows

Usage: This guide is intended for staff members running Windows 10 to access banner admin pages as well as off campus access to network shares and services.
The current version of Fortinet is If your system has an older version installed you must remove the client, restart then run the install. 
Once connected to the VPN if looking to access mesAMIS or Banner you will need to go directly to the service address - or

Install Fortinet Client

1. Download the Fortinet Client Installer

2. Open the installation file that you downloaded. (check in your downloads)
3. Double click the file to begin the installation
4. Select an installation folder
5. Install FortiClient
6. Finish the installation and run FortiClient


Restore the Configuration File

1. Download the Configuration File

  Configuration File.

Do not open this file.  You will restore this configuration from within the Fortinet Client software in the following steps.

2. In your Client select the lock icon at far right to unlock the settings.

3. Select Yes to allow app to make changes to your device.

4. Select the cogwheel icon to get to the Settings

5. Select Restore in the System section.
6. Click on the "..." button to search for the file.
7. Locate the configuration file on your computer (check your downloads), select it, and choose "Open"
8. IMPORTANT Wait until you see a message that the configuration was restored successfully.
9. Click Ok on the message, and then click Ok on the settings page to return to the main page.

Connect the VPN


Click on the house icon to get to main page, The VPN Name should be StFXVPN

1. Enter in your stfx user name 
2. Enter your password
3. Select Connect

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