FortiClient VPN Setup - MacOSX

Environment - MacOSX Users

Usage: Faculty and Staff connecting remotely to stfx services.

Once connected to the VPN user can not access, MesAMIS can be accessed by typing in into a browser and Banner Self-Service at

1. Download Files


Click on the link below and click "Download" in the top left of the window to download the appropriate files.

2. Install the FortiClient

a. Locate the FortiClient6.0.5.104macosx.dmg installation file in Finder to launch the install wizard 

b. Double click Install to start wizard.


c. Step through the wizard until Installation is successful.


d. A FortiClient symbol will appear in the top menu bar. (where your date and time are) following setup you can use this to connect your vpn.


3. Restore the Configuration File

a. Open FortiClient Console

If your restore is greyed out you can unlock it by:

  • Select Settings.

  • Unlock Settings.

  • Enter your computer's User Name and Password.

  • Select OK to unlock.

b.  Select Restore


c. Browse for the file stfxvpn file you download from the file above (most systems will put this in their downloads)

d. Select OK from the VPN interface

If you receive an error when you try to import the file, please follow these instructions. Many macOS Catalina users are experiencing this issue.

e. **Important Wait for the confirmation of restoration before navigating away from the page. 

Select OK to Configuration restored successfully

4. Log into the VPN

a. Click the Remote Access from forticlient's left menu,



the VPN Name should be StFXVPN complete your username and stfx password, press the connect button (not enter)

A notification box will come up once you have connected. 

5. Enable Extension (1 time only)

a. Select Open Security Preferences

b. Allow system software to load

c. Select Allow

Once connected to the VPN you will not be able to access MesAMIS or Banner Self-Service though the  use the links below for direct access to these services.
Banner (Admin Pages or Banner self-service)


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