Mail Merges from a Shared Mailbox - Windows Outlook Office 365 Pro Plus

Please ensure your are looking at the guide for your version of Outlook. If you Outlook icon looks like this please follow the instructions below. If not please click here.

  • In the Start Menu, bring up the Control Panel and navigate to Mail (Microsoft Office 2016)
    • Click "Show Profiles" > Add... > enter the shared account name
    • Select "Manual setup or additonal server types" > Next
    • Enter the shared email address
    • Click Finish and Close
  • Open Outlook and navigate to File > Account Settings
    • Select "Change Profile" from near the bottom of the drop down menu
    • Click OK
    • Restart Outlook and select your shared mailbox from the drop down menu > OK
    • Navigate to the Send/Receive header and activate the Work Offline option.
  • You will now run your mail merge as usual
    • Go back to Outlook and select Work Offline to enable the merge to send.
  • Once you've seen your messages sent, exit Outlook and restart again to return to your regular mailbox(es)
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