Add a Video

Add a Video

Upload the video(s) to YouTube

Upload video(s) to YouTube ( If you do not have a YouTube account you will need to create one.
After you create an account, sign in to YouTube.
1. Select the video camera icon with the + sign.
2. Select Upload video


Select File to Upload

Click on the arrow to browse for the file to upload.



Once the video is uploaded to YouTube select SHARE.


Copy URL or Select Embed code

1. Copy the URL for the video.
2. Select Embed if you want the embed code for the video


Copy Embed code

Copy the embed code for the video.


Add Video to page

Navigate to the page you would like to add the video to and select Edit option.
Place your cursor in the Body section for where you want the video to display.
Select the YouTube icon.


1. Paste the Embed code
2. Paste video URL
3. Adjust the Width and Height as needed
4. Uncheck Show suggested videos at the video's end
5. Select OK


Video Added to Body Section

Your video is added to the body section.


Save Page

Select Save.



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