Edit / Delete Existing Pages

Edit/Delete Existing Pages

This lesson describes how to edit an existing Page. See Add a New Page for instructions on creating new pages.

Edit a Page

Edit a Page

Log in to edit the website.
Navigate to the page to be edited.
Click the Edit tab under the page title.


Edit page

Changes can be made to all fields. If transfering text from an external editor (such as Microsoft Office Word) be sure to paste as plain text or the styles and fonts captured may create undesirable results.


Add/Delete File

1. Select Remove to delete an image from the Page.
2. Click Choose File, navigate to the folder containing the image and select the required image. Click Upload.
This will take effect once the edits are saved.


Edit Menu Item

1. Select Menu settings.
2. Check/uncheck the Provide a menu link box to add or remove the Page from the Menu.
3. Edit the Menu link title field to rename the menu item.
4. Select the correct Parent item in the dropdown.
- Leave


Revision Creation

New Revisions are created by default when a page is saved.


Revision information

You can view the saved revisions under the Revisions tab at the top of the page.


Revision information

This is used to track changes. Editors may select revert to restore previous versions of a page


Edit URL path settings

1. Click URL path settings.
2. Generate automtic URL alias is checked by default. This usually pulls some variation of the page title. To change the automatic generated url, uncheck the checkbox.
3. Enter another in the URL alias field. Using hypens between words is recommended.

By default, Drupal gives pages a URL like www.example.ca/node/1. Using the URL path settings this can be set to more friendly path like www.example.ca/page-1.


Publishing options

1. Click on Publishing options.
2. A page, once saved, is Published by default. To unpublish a page, uncheck the Published checkbox.


1. Select SAVE to save changes.
2. Select PREVIEW to preview changed before saving.
3. Select DELETE to delete page.


Delete: Confirm

You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the page if you select DELETE.



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