Beauceron Enrolment

You can start your Beauceron training by visiting:

Start off by logging in with your own stfx email (eg.

You will receive a pop-up asking for permission to use your account.

Choose Accept.


Once you are logged into Beauceron you will receive a walk through of the site. Once you complete the walk through you can start your training by filling out the survey and starting your courses.

Once you have completed all of the "Mandatory" Education and learning courses you will begin to receive fake phishing attempt emails sent by Beauceron to your account.

Click the Education Tab to access the training guides.

Complete the Mandatory Training


When you spot a fake email or a phishing attempt you must report it as spam/junk and move it to your junk folder in order for Beauceron to reward you.


Here is a few articles on how to do that:

On the web using office 365:

On the desktop using outlook application:



If you see an email that might be a phishing attempt from beauceron and you report it you will recieve an email like this:


And if the email you reported was in-fact a beauceron spam email you will recieve a response like this:



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