Beauceron Enrolment

Environment: New user who has recently been added into the beauceron cyber-security awareness platform

Purpose: Guide users on what to expect, the next steps going forward, and what beauceron is about and what is required


When added to the Beauceron software, you will receive a welcome email.

If you do not have access to your Welcome email containing the link to the software, you can start your Beauceron training by visiting: and logging in with your StFX email address eg.

You will receive a pop-up asking for permission to use your account.

Choose Accept.


Once you are logged into Beauceron you will receive a walk-through of the site. Once you complete the walk through you can start your training by filling out the survey and starting your courses.  Note, if you exit before completing the survey you will get reminders to do so.

Click the Education Tab to access the training courses.  

After training is complete you will start to receive phishing emails through the system.  When you spot a fake email or a phishing attempt you must report it as spam/junk in order to receive Beauceron rewards.  Below are articles on how to report a phishing attempt:

On the web using office 365:

On the desktop using outlook application:

If you report a Beauceron phsishing email attempt you will recieve a response similar to the one below:

If the email you reported was, in fact, a Beauceron phishing email you will recieve a response similar to this outlining that you have received a reward:



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