Mac OS Catalina VPN Import Error

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Environment: MacOSX Catalina users looking to connect to stfx services via the Foritnet VPN

Problem: Catalina users experiencing and error message when trying to restore the conf file.


Import via Terminal:

  • Ensure the FortiClient is completely disconnected and shut down.
  • Open Terminal (In spotlight search for Terminal)
  • Within Terminal enter the following two commands:
    • Type in, or copy and paste the bold text    
      • cd /Library/Application\ Support/Fortinet/FortiClient/bin 
    • Press Enter
    • Type in or copy and paste the bold text, *change itservices to your computer's profile name    
      • sudo ./FCConfig -f /Users/itservices/Downloads/StFXVPN.conf -o import
itservices must be replaced with your computers profile (user profile name used to log in to the computer)
  • Put in your computer password when prompted (password used for the computer log in)
  • Press Enter. The Terminal should display a finished message


  • Re launch your FortiClient and the StFXVPN configuration will be loaded.  
  • Log in using your stfx username and password.
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