Return to Work - Device Health Check

Below are a few precautions recommended to help keep your computer and our networks safe and secure prior to your return to your workspace on campus.

Please run through the guidelines whether you are currently on campus or not.  Ideally, they are to be done before you return to campus but we understand that is not possible in all cases. 

Remove work documents from your personal computer

If you are transitioning away from using your personal computer for work tasks, it is time to move any documents off of it and back to your H: drive or to OneDrive(recommended).

Once you have confirmed the files have copied successfully, please delete them from your personal device and empty the recycle/trash bin.

Remove unwanted software from your StFX-issued computer

Now is the ideal time to review the software installed on your computer and remove any that is extraneous or unwanted.  If you come across an app you are not sure about, as a first step, try Googling it to get more information.  Next, either remove it or contact

If you are unfamiliar with un-installing applications, please find instructions below :

Mac - Open Finder > Go to 'Applications' folder > drag any unwanted apps to the Trash and then empty the Trash

Windows - Click the Start button at the bottom left of your screen > start typing 'Add or Remove' > Click on 'Add or Remove Programs' > Find unwanted software and un-install 

When viewing your installed apps, look for things you don't recognize, as well as for extra antivirus software.

We use "Trend Micro Apex One Security Agent" as a virus scanner, so if you find McAfee, AVG, Norton or any other antivirus/malware scanner, please remove it to allow Trend Micro to function properly.

NOTE: If you have an older version of Trend Micro, e.g. "Trend Micro XG" please contact IT Services immediately for an upgrade.


Install Operating System Updates

Installing Windows or Apple updates are an effective way to keep your device protected and operating as expected. 

If you are using a StFX, Windows computer, connect to the VPN first to ensure you get updates. You may be up to date already, but please check to make sure.

Mac - click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen > Software Update > Check for Updates

Windows - click the 'Start' button at the bottom left of your screen > 'Gear' icon > Update & Security >  Check for Updates


Run a full Virus and Malware scan using Trend Micro Apex One

After you have updated your Windows computer, do a full virus and malware scan with Trend Micro Apex One

If you are unfamiliar with that process, please find instructions with pictures here.

Note: The operating system update, as well as the full virus and malware scan may take a while, and you may notice it slows your computer down while they are running.  Ideally, get them running (one at a time) before your lunch or right before you are done work for the day.

Thank you for doing your part to keep your computer and our network safe!


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