Mobility Printing

What is mobility printing?

Mobility printing is a printing service that allows users to print from mobile devices including smart-phones and laptops to StFX printers via a virtual queue.

Currently Supported Devices

  • Windows 11
  • Mac OS 11 and up (Big Sur and Monterey)
  • IOS/iPadOS 15 and up
  • ChromeOS

Setting Up

  1. Ensure device is connected to WebFX
  2. Students go to http://xprinters:9163/setup
    1. For Chromebooks click here
  3. Staff and faculty click here
  4. Ensure the banner title says "Set up printing... (for Windows, Mac, etc.)" for your specific device
    1. If the banner title is a different device then the one you are using, click on the icon of the correct operating system on the bottom of the page
  5. Click 'Download"
    1. Chromebooks will be brought to a Web Store app which needs to be added to chrome (this is the final step for ChromeOS)
  6. Open the downloaded file and follow the steps of the installation wizard

Additional steps for IOS and iPadOS

When the file is downloaded and opened it will launch a prompt to install a configuration profile which can be done by doing the following:


  1. Open desired file
  2. Click print (or use keyboard shortcut if applicable)
  3. Select Print-Stu (mobility)
    1. please note: the exact printer may not have the same name - look for Print-Stu
  4. Ensure the layout is what you want (double-sided vs single, B/W vs Colour)
  5. The first print will ask you to sign-in. Sign in using the first part of your StFX email (ex. x2021abc) and its associated password
    1. If an error message occurs ensure the user name and password is correct and retry
    2. if a password is already saved it may need to be cleared through the system's password manager (Keychain, Credential Manager, Google Password Manager)


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