Computer Lab Locations


To summarize, Schwartz 252 has 60 computers for use when classes are not occupying it. The first floor of the library is also home to 10 computers for students to use.


General Access Labs

Schwartz 252 & 256

The Gerald Schwartz School of Business is home to 2 computer labs in Room 252 and 256. These rooms each have 60 available computers. This room is free for students to use when no other class or lab times are occurring. To find this lab, enter Schwartz and make your way up to the second floor. 

Angus L. MacDonald Library 

Formerly called LibLab01, there are 10 computers for students to access and print on the first floor. This can be found by turning left at the Library Welcome Desk (Access Services & Course Reserves) following up the ramp past the Reference Desk, and then turning left into the large study space in front of the Tramble Centre.

Bloomfield (SUB)

There are six computers available for use on the fourth floor of Bloomfield available for use.


Specialized Department Labs

NSSO 3035 Engineering Lab

Used primarily for engineering students.  This lab is used for classes and available in during not class time for Engineering students to do assignments using licensed software apps. 

Gilmora 111 Music Lab

10 MacMini devices.  This lab us used for course delivery and available for Music Students to utilize specialized software. 

MULH 4024 Computer Science Lab

This lab of 40 is restricted to the computer science students only. 





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