Enrolling an Apple mobile device for StFX Endpoint Management Software


Instrucitons for setting up company portal for stfx owned devices. Ensure the device is kept up to date with OS patches and provides endpoint security.


Stfx provides endpoint protection software to stfx-owned devices.  Endpoint management software ensures devices are not vulnerable to cyber security threats and provides anti virus protection. 

1. Download Company Portal

Open the App Store, search for Microsoft Company Portal and install it

This requires the user to have their Apple ID information so they can use the App Store


2. Sign in to Company Portal

Open the company portal app Company Portal & sign in, use your STFX full email address and StFX password



  • Ok on notifications – allow
  • Setup STFX access – begin
  • 4 steps:
    • #1 Review privacy info - click continue > review privacy info
    • #2 Download management profile - click continue > allow the download > click continue > close pop-up notice > click continue to get back to Company Portal
    • #3 Install management profile - click continue for instruction screen on how to install the management profile, summarized below:
      • switch to your home screen > open Settings > open General section > open the VPN & Device Management section > click on Management Profile
      • click Install on the management profile > input your device passcode to allow this > click install again > click to trust the profile > click install again > click Done
      • switch to your home screen > open Company Portal
      • you will be prompted to choose your device category type which is usually "Faculty / Staff - Corporate Device" > click continue
    • #4 Checking device settings
      • at this point your device will check to see if it meets the compliance settings set by STFX which include the operating system version and strength of your passcode
      • if it fails to meet the compliance settings you can press back to get to this list of steps and then click postpone
        • the device is still enrolled into Intune with the management profile and you can then proceed to update your device when you have time



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