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How old is my stfx system? Links to commonly purchased manufacturer sites to help determine the devices age.
This article covers how to add the space to your course using the CDE template.
This article covers how to add a Collaborate online classroom to your Moodle course and some of the best-practice settings.
Continuity of Teaching Checklist. Options for the making.
StFX emails can be set up with many devices over many operating systems. Please select the appropriate guide below to see how to set up your StFX email address...
Need to know what applications can be accessed off campus? Here is our list. Check back as it is subject to change.
This article is a step-to-step guide on the download of EMS FortiClient VPN for MacOS users.
This article describes how to view your class schedule in Banner Self-Service.
Learn how to record your screen with Screencast-O-Matic
Learn how to create a simple multiple choice quiz in Moodle.
Learn how to setup Lockdown Browser for a class quiz/test/midterm/exam. Lockdown Browser is an extra layer of security that prevents students from accessing online material during an exam.
This article is a step-to-step guide on the download of EMS FortiClient VPN for Windows users.
List of apps that support Multi Factor Authentication and which ones require an app password.
The Basics of Email on Office 365
Mobility printing is a printing service that allows users to print from mobile devices including smart-phones and laptops to StFX printers via a virtual queue.
Instructions on how to setup Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication methods. StFX accounts will be prompted for Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication off campus when accessing email, office applications, including onedrive.
StFX provides students, faculty, and staff with sixty-six enterprise-class multifunction devices. Students have access to twenty-one student-specific printers, while faculty and staff have access to all sixty-six.