Generic (Operational) Account

What is this service?

A generic or operational account is a StFX account that is not uniquely named as an individual user but as a general department, group or service.  It might be used by a number of individuals who share the same role, manage the same email intake or to access services.  

Why is it useful?

Generic accounts are used frequently across campus as the contact address for general inquiries, shared mailboxes, as well as for roles which employ multiple personal.  Generic/operational accounts are also used in roles that frequently change owners such as Student Union accounts. 

How do I request this service?

All generic accounts must be owned by an existing StFX account holder who agrees the account will adhere to by the acceptable use policy. 

To request a generic (operational) account click the "Request Account" button to the right.  

All generic/operational accounts require approval from a member of Presidents Council.   Upon form submission, email approval is automatically sent to the approving office of your choice.  Once approval has been received by IT Services the account creation process will commence.

Who can access this service

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students