Beauceron Cyber Security Awareness Training

What is this service?

Cyberattacks pose real threats around the world and in our daily lives at St.FX.  Everyone plays a role in protecting institutional and personal data. To that end, the University is implementing a cybersecurity awareness and training program using an online learning system named Beauceron. The program will help increase awareness and provide knowledge that faculty, staff and students need to feel confident and responsible in today’s evolving cybersecurity environment.

There are 4 baseline courses to complete, once completed your email account will received simulated phishing messages that will need to report using outlooks report message feature to to earn credit in the beauceron software.   More info on how to report spam and Phishing messages

Why is it useful?

Cyber security is everyone's responsibility and effects stfx members in their professional and personal lives. The Beauceron software will provide knowledge and build on cyber security skillsets. 

How do I access this service?

IT Services is rolling out this service by department.  Once enabled for your department a personalized email with instructions for access will be sent to the account holders.   Beauceron is a web application that leverages your stfx credentials for access.

Who can access this service?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
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