Securtiy Alerts


Yesterday,  a patch for a critical security vulnerability was announced for some Microsoft Server and Desktop (Windows 7, XP) operating systems. The vulnerability will allow an exploit to potentially gain full access to unpatched systems. IT Services is applying the patch to affected servers.   They will need to be restarted to complete the patch installation and we began that process at 5pm today. You may experience intermittent access to some services this evening.


It is strongly advised that everyone check to ensure your computer(s) have this patch installed. The instructions to ensure you are protected are below. Please follow this procedure as soon as have access to your computer.


Windows 7 Computers:

  • Open the Start menu. 
  • Open Control Panel (Click Control Panel on the right column of Start).
  • Go to "System and Security". (Click on the green header).
  • Open Windows Update.   (Choose "Windows Update" from the middle of the list).
  • Check for updates.    (Click the Check for updates button on the main screen).


Windows XP Systems:


Window 2003 Servers:


Windows 8, Windows 10,  Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016:

  • These systems are not affected by this vulnerability, no additional action is required.