Multifunction Printer Locations - Student Fleet

Printers in grey boxes are located in publicly accessible locations and can be accessed during building hours.


Amelia Saputo Centre

Name: AthleticTherapy-182
Location: X-Therapy Reception Area
Site ID: 9814-7638


Angus L. MacDonald Library

Name: LibraryLab-01
Location: 1st Floor North Wing
Site ID: 9814-7324
Name: LibraryBasement-8A 
Location: Basement
Site ID: 9814-7345
Name: LibraryFoyer-02
Location: 3rd Floor North Wing
Site ID: 9814-7378



Name: Annex-12
Location: Basement Area Hallway (Across from Math Department Office)
Site ID: 9814-7341

Brian Mulroney Hall

Name: MulroneyHall-4028
Location: Room 4028 Room behind elevator
Site ID:
Name: MulroneyHall-2nd
Location: Between MulHall and NT
Site ID: 9814-7326

Bloomfield Centre

Name: BloomfieldLab
Location: 4th Floor Computer Lab
Site ID: 9814-7348
Name: Bloomfield-MacKay-Lounge
Location: 3rd Floor MacKay Lounge
Site ID: 9814-7325


Name: Camden-C246
Location: Room 246
Site ID: 9814-7363

Coady East

Name: Coady-165
Location: Marie Michael Library 165 Coady East
Site ID: 9814-7339

Coady West

Name: CoadyWest-104
Location: Room 492
Site ID: 9814-7371

Gilmora Hall

Name: Gilmora-111
Location: Room 111
Site ID: 9814-7344

J. Bruce Brown Building

Name: BruceBrown-259A
Location: Hallway Main Floor Nutrition Area (between 259A and 264 Doorways)
Site ID: 9814-7336

Marguerite Hall

Name: Marguerite-M217
Location: iMac Lab Room 008
Site ID: 9814-7331

Physical Science Centre

Name: PhysicalScience-1003
Location: Opposite Room 1003 (Around Corner)
Site ID: 9814-7333
Name: Physical Science-3038
Location: Hallway on 3rd Floor to left of main stairs
Site ID: 9814-7342


Name: Schwartz-252
Location: Room 252
Site ID: 9814-7332
Name: Schwartz-256
Location: Room 256
Site ID: 9814-7338
Name: Schwartz-456
Location: Room 456
Site ID: 9814-7330

Xavier Hall

Name: XavierHall-319B
Location: Third Floor
Site ID: 9814-7347


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