Computer Equipment Loan Terms


  1. Faculty, staff, and students using the Computer Equipment Loan service accept the responsibility for the care and safety of the equipment while in their possession.  Departments will be billed for all equipment that is not returned or returned damaged.
  2. Faculty and staff who fail to take proper measures to ensure the safe return of equipment in a timely fashion may lose borrowing privileges.

  3. Items can be picked up/dropped off at the Help Desk in the Angus L. MacDonald library.
  4. It is the responsibility of the faculty, staff, or student to set up and operate the equipment themselves; labour and on-site support are not provided as part of the Computer Equipment Loan service. Training materials are provided in the form of knowledge base links available on this web portal. If you wish to schedule set up and support for Audio Visual equipment, please submit a request here. Hourly charges will apply.

  5. If you require the equipment for a longer period of time than anticipated, inform IT Services as soon as possible (there may be others waiting to use the equipment!)


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