Secured Printing

Secure printing is a useful function for a few reasons. This feature should be used for confidential documents, and when not near a printer or accessing other printers on campus.  Using secured printing will hold your print jobs in a virtual queue that can be accessed from any Multifunction Printer your account is entitled to print to.   Secured printing requires you log into a printer to release your jobs.  


Staff & Faculty - Print-staff

Students - Print-stu

  1.    At your computer: Select the appropriate printer (Print-Staff or Print-stu), click on PRINTER PROPERTIES and select SECURE PRINT under Output Method. (located on Basic Tab)

  2. A dialogue box will appear. Input your Stfx Username and a PASSWORD. 

  3. Ok > OK> PRINT

  4.   At the Printer Login using your stfx username & password or swipe card

  5. You will be autodirected to view your queued jobs list, Select the job, then press print  Select the document by touching the Thumbnail and touch Print .

  Print Jobs will remain in this queue for 48 hours then unprinted jobs are automatically purged from the queue. Only jobs printed are charged


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