Screen recording using Microsoft Teams at StFX

See our video here: 

1. Go to

Note: you may have to log in to your StFX account at this time.

2. Click on Teams: 

3. Along the left menu, click Teams then, on the right side of the page, click Join or create team:

4. Click create team and choose Staff: 

Note: for the purposes of this tutorial, a Team page will be made JUST to screen record. There will be no team members in this Team. 

5. Name your team and click Next. 

6. Skip "Add people to your Team".

7. Click the camera button at the bottom of the Teams page:

8. Click Meet Now.

9.  Click Share:

10. Choose what you would like to share: 

Your recent PowerPoints will appear under PowerPoint. Click Browse if you require another file. 

11. Under more actions, choose Start recording:

12. Begin to record your video. Ensure that your microphone is turned on. 

13. When complete, click the red telephone button to hangup:

14. The screen will return to the main Teams page. Click on the video. It will download onto your computer:

15. To share the video, place it into your OneDrive, right click on the file, click view online, share and copy the link. DO NOT UPLOAD THE VIDEO DIRECTLY TO MOODLE. 


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