Using the TLC Classroom Technology

Introduction to the Classroom

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is a classroom that has 8 pods around a center console.  Each pod has seating for 7, an interactive display, and a video camera.   

The walls are whiteboards and each pod has a rolling whiteboard.  

Each pod can be controlled either by the center console or independently by controls at the pod. 

Some use case examples:

  1. From the center console, easily display materials on different screens, e.g. see the document camera on some screens and the lecture slides on others.
  2. Students work together on a file that one member of the pod group is sharing from their device. 
  3. Groups co-author a document being shared by the professor at the center console. 
  4. All groups watch a video shared by the center console and then discuss. 
  5. Each pod group uses the whiteboard feature of their touch screen to record thoughts, complete worksheets, diagrams, concept maps.
  6. Center console-based lecture, pausing for group work or discussion. 


Basic Technical Operations of the Classroom


The center console controls the room

        The touch screen at the center console 

This is where you will:

  • Control which source is displayed at each pod: 
    • Your laptop
    • the computer at the center console
    • the document camera
    • a laptop plugged in at the pod
    • the pod's computer (controlled by the touch screen and a keyboard)
    • the in-room camera
  • Control where the source is displayed or the destination
    • all pods
    • only some pods


Each interactive display pod has a wall control as well 

This can largely be ignored

  The wall control


The Advance Features Control is you send different sources to different pods



  The Advanced Control Page

  1. Select the Advance Features button
  2. First select the Source
  3. Select the Destination/Display to deliver the source to. 

Sound Controls

If a video is too loud or not loud enough the Audio Control is found on the Center Console


  The Sound Control Page


Reset buttons

Both the Center Console and the Advance Controls have Reset buttons that will return the room to the default state: all pods displaying the Center Console computer source. 




Plugging in at the pods

If you select Share Screen at the Center Console a pod member will be able to plug in and display their screen. 

  The cable box found at each pod

  • Power is available at each pod
  • One HDMI connection is available at each pod to connect a laptop at the pod to the display (this will display if the Center Console is set to Screen Share as the source)








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