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Determine your existing Version

What version of Outlook do I have? 

To check what version of Office you have
1. Open the Outlook Desktop App
2.Click File in the top left corner
3. Click Office Account around the bottom left corner
4. You will see the build number and Office Version beside the About button
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Determining what version you should be on

What version of Outlook should I have?

Current Channel: Version 2302 (Build 16130.20306)
Monthly Enterprise Channel: Version 2301 (Build 16026.20238)
Monthly Enterprise Channel: Version 2212 (Build 15928.20298)
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Preview): Version 2301 (Build 16130.20306)
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel: Version 2208 (Build 15601.20578)
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel: Version 2202 (Build 14931.20944)
Office 2021 Retail: Version 2301 (Build 16130.20306)
Office 2019 Retail: Version 2302 (Build 16130.20306)
Office 2016 Retail: Version 2302 (Build 16130.20306)
Office LTSC 2021 Volume Licensed: Version 2108 (Build 14332.20481)
Office 2019 Volume Licensed: Version 1808 (Build 10396.20023)



If you have Office 2013 or 2016 it’s recommended that you uninstall that version and install the latest version portal.office.com
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