Telecom Modernization FAQ

Telecom Modernization Project FAQ

What vendor is the university using for the upgrade to MS Teams? 

The university has signed a contract with Eastlink to provide this service. 
Do I keep my campus office phone number? 

If you currently have a campus phone number assigned to you, you will keep that number in MS Teams. 

Will I lose any of my current telephone features with this telephone upgrade? 

The intent is to provide more options with this telephone upgrade.  

How do I get my voicemail on Teams calling? 

Voicemails get transcribed to email and there is a playback option within MS Teams 

Will my saved voicemails be transitioned? 

No. Voicemails that are in our current system will be permanently deleted and not recoverable.  If you have important voicemail messages within the current system it is recommended that you review these prior to your transition.  

Can I keep my current phone? 

No. The existing phones are not compatible with the new system and will be returned and recycled. 

How will I know when my phone is scheduled to transition to a MS Teams softphone? 

Faculty and staff will be contacted at least a week in advance as to when your phone service will be transitioned to MS Teams.  You will be provided training opportunities prior to your move. 

How will I know what type of MS Teams phone I will be getting? 

The project team will be contacting departments to review current use of phone services and identify appropriate softphone or handset technology for you. 

Can I get a mobile device as part of the MS Teams telephone program? 

No mobile phones are not being replaced as part of this project.  Mobile devices are requested in a per-case basis through the Mobile device request service and must be approved by the VP Finance and Administration. 

Will there be a choice between using a softphone only or a physical desk set ?

A process has been developed for device selection.  Soft phone will be deployed wherever possible.  Physical desk sets will be deployed where the need is demonstrated.    

Can I have the softphone application installed on my desktop, laptop and cell phone or do I need to choose only one location? 

The MS Teams softphone can be installed and run on multiple devices at once and at no additional cost.   

 Is there a way to prevent business calls from ringing during non-business hours? 

There are several options in MS Teams to control scheduling and how individuals receive phone calls during non-business hours. 

I have a question about the MS Teams telephone program, who do I contact? 

Please send your question to 







More information to come over the following weeks. If any questions, please contact


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