Remote Desktop - macOS


Before you connect to your Remote Desktop you must first make a request here: Request Remote Connection.

Make sure you are connected to StFX's Virtual Private Network (VPN). The guide on how to connect can be found here.

To use Remote Desktop, the following is required:

  • Admin rights on the computer you are remoting into
  • The computer name ex, stfx001. or IP Address
  • If remoting to a windows based machine ensure the machine is configed by following the step in Windows guide

1.  Open the remote desktop connection program

2. Input the computer name or IP address of the system you are connecting to and press "Connect"

3. Login with  administrative credentials 


 Note: When connecting on a mac to windows based computer you will recieve the error "The server name on the certificate is incorrect" pressing continue will allow the remote desktop connection to be made

  Tip: If connecting to an on Campus StFX System desktop from home you will require configuring the VPN Connection.



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Remote Desktop Connection allows users to have access to another computer from a remote location.