WebFX Wi-Fi Setup - iOS

• This tutorial is designed to show you how to connect your iPhone and/or iPod Touch to the webfx wireless network.
• Please ensure that your device’s software is the up to date before continuing further in this tutorial
• The webfx encrypted network is the recommended wireless network for Apple devices as it is more secure and does not require you to enter your username and password every time you want to access the Internet.

• Select Settings.


• Select Wi-Fi.


• If you have previously connected to webfx this network will need to be "forgotten".
• To do this, click the Details arrow next to the network name.


• Select Forget this Network.


• Forget the Network.


• Select the webFX network.


• Enter your credentials.
• Select Join.


• Accept the certificate.
• It will take just a few seconds to join the network


• You are now connected to the webFX wireless network.

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