Multifunction Printer Locations - Faculty and Staff Fleet

Admissions and Recruitment

Name: SB_205
Location: 2nd Floor Room 205
Site ID: 9814-7391


Amelia Saputo Centre

Name: OC_142
Location: 1st Floor Room 142
Site ID: 9814-7329
Name: OC_A205A
Location: 2nd Floor Room A205A
Site ID: 9814-7352

Angus L. Macdonald Library

Name: LIB_CircDesk
Location: Main Floor    
Site ID: 9814-7367
Name: LibraryFoyer-02
Location: Library Foyer
Site ID: 9814-7378


Name: AX_2A
Location: Main Floor Copy Room
Site ID: 9814-7376
Name: AX_1st
Location: 1st Floor Alcove
Site ID: 9814-7376

Bauer Theatre

Name: BT_201
Location: Mezzanine Room 201
Site ID: 9814-7388

Bloomfield Centre

Name: BF_Campus_Store
Location: 1st Floor
Site ID: 9814-7334

Brian Mulroney Hall

Name: BMH-3060
Location: Photocopy Room, 3rd Floor
Site ID: 9814-7408
Name: BMH-4060
Location: Photocopy Room, 4th Floor
Site ID: 9814-7409


Name: CA_C217
Location: 2nd Floor Room C217
Site ID: 9814-7357


Coady International

Name: COADY_136
Location: Main Floor Room 136
Site ID: 9814-7368
Name: COADY_245
Location: 2nd Floor Room 245
Site ID: 9814-7343
Name: Coady_354
Location: 3rd Floor Room 354
Site ID: 9814-7379


Gilmora Hall

Name: GIL_230
Location: 3rd Floor Room 230
Site ID: 9814-7364

Immaculata Hall

Name: IM_23
Location: 1st Floor   
Site ID:9814-7373
Name: IM_2ndNorth
Location: 2nd Floor
Site ID: 9814-7374
Name: IM_411A
Location: 4th Floor
Site ID:9814-7362

J. Bruce Brown

Name: JBB_MainENT
Location: 2nd Floor Main Entrance                                
Site ID: 9814-7327
Name: JBB_333
Location: 3rd Floor        
Site ID: 9814-7375



Location: Conference Services office
Site ID: 9814-7355


MacDonald Hall

Name: CmacD_106
Location: 1st Floor Copy Room
Site ID: 9814-7387
Name: CmacD_207
Location: 2nd Floor Room 207
Site ID: 9814-7340
Name: CmacD_312
Location: 3rd Floor Room 312
Site ID: 9814-7386

MacKinnon Hall

Name: MacK_521C
Location: 2nd Floor Room 521C
Site ID: 9814-7390
Name: MacK_533D
Location: 3rd Floor
Site ID: 9814-7365
Name: MacK_4th
Location: 4th Floor
Site ID: 9814-7383


Marguerite Hall

Name: Marg_M249
Location: 2nd Floor Room M249
Site ID: 9814-7356

Morrison Hall

Name: MH_Res2A
Location: Basement
Site ID: 9814-7384
Name: MH_2nd_Pres
Location: 2nd Floor
Site ID: 9814-7380
Name: MH_3rd_South
Location: 3rd Floor
Site ID: 9814-7382

Nicholson Tower

Name: NT_2nd
Location: 2nd Floor
Site ID: 9814-7360
Name: NT_3rd
Location: 3rd Floor
Site ID: 9814-7381
Name: X_NT_4th
Location: 4th Floor
Site ID: 9811-0115
Name: NT_5th
Location: 5th Floor
Site ID: 9814-7366
Name: NT_6th
Location: 6th Floor
Site ID: 9814-7389
Name: NT_7th
Location: 7th Floor
Site ID: 9814-7361
Name: NT_8th
Location: 8th Floor
Site ID: 9814-7359

Physical Sciences Centre

Name: PS_205
Location: 2nd Floor Room 207
Site ID: 9814-7328

Security Office

Name: SB_104
Location: 1st Floor
Site ID: 9814-7354

Schwartz School of Business

Name: SCH_179
Location: 2nd Floor Room 179
Site ID: 9814-7385
Name: SCH_340
Location: 3rd Floor Room 340
Site ID: 9814-7337

West Street Building

Name: 42West_LOBBY
Location: Main Floor Alcove
Site ID: 9814-7353

Xavier Hall

Name: XH_120E
Location: 1st Floor Room 120E
Site ID: 9814-7372
Name: XH_MainENT
Location: 1st Floor
Site ID: 9814-7369
Name: XH_218
Location: 2nd Floor Room 218
Site ID: 9814-7346


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