Connecting a Computer to an On-Campus Printer

Environment  StFX and Personally owned Windows 10 or Mac devices needing to connect to StFX Campus Printing

Purpose; To connect to campus printing.

StFX provides students, faculty, and staff with sixty-five enterprise-class multifunction devices. Students have access to twenty student-specific printers, while faculty and staff have access to all sixty-five. To connect a computer to one of these units, please select your operating system below:

Student Printing Setup Instructions

For the student fleet (Green name tags):



**Staff and Faculty can print to Student devices

For the faculty and staff fleet (Orange name tags):


Mac OS 

Set up your StFX ID card swipe to eliminate the logging into the device.  Each device has swipe on the right tray to allow association of your account to the printers.  This eliminates the need to log in at the devices. 


For help with releasing a print job from the secured print queue:

  1. Swipe your Student ID card at a Student printer - Student Printer Locations
  2. Load your Deb-X funds at - Loading Deb-X funds
  3. Follow the knowledge base article below for your operating system to connect you computer or laptop to campus printers
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