Upload, view as student, and grade assignments

Environment: StFX's Learning Management System Moodle. Available at moodle.stfx.ca

Purpose:  Learn how to create, view and grade assignments in Moodle. 

Part 1: Uploading assignments to Moodle

Adding assignments in Moodle is similar to adding resources. 

Go to the course that you would like to add an assignment to. 

1.  "Turn Editing On" by clicking on the button below the gear in the top right corner of the page.


2. Next, go to the Topic and change its name. You can do this by clicking directly on the Topic and entering the title. For this example, we're using Assignment 1. Press ENTER on your keyboard. 


3. When you are ready to add an assignment, click +add an activity or resource.

4. A screen will open and you will click the top option "Assignment" .  Similar to adding files or resources, you can add a description, drag and drop files, etc. 


5. Now you can add a file, instructions, and the due date. You can also allow students to submit multiple times until the close of the assignment. To do this, under "Submission settings" change "Require students click submit button" from "Yes" to "No". 

6. Under Availability choose the dates in which student can submit their assignments. 

7. Under Submission Types, leave "File submissions" checked, check "Online text" if you want student to be able to create text in the Moodle assignment box.

8. Under Grade, you can change the maximum grade to whatever value the assignment is out of, or leave it at 100. 

9. Now you can save and display. 

Optional: Add a custom rubric to your assignment

10. Click on the assignment you would like to add a rubric to and click "Advanced grading" under "Administration". 
11. A new page will load and you will "Change active grading method to" "Rubric".
12. Click "Define new grading form from scratch".
13. Add your marking rubric under "Rubric". It will appear as a chart when you grade your student's assignments on Moodle. Click "Save rubric and make it ready".

Part 2: Student view

To see what students observe after you have uploaded your assignment follow these instructions. 

1. Go to the course page. 

2. Click your name in the top right corner of the page click "Switch role to". Choose "Student". Now you will be able to see what the student sees. 

3. Now click on the assignment you would like to check over. 

4. The student will "Add Submission". 

5. They will be prompted to add a file. After adding a file, they can save changes and submit the assignment. 

6. Following the submission, the student will receive an email confirming that they have submitted an assignment. 

Part 3: Grading Assignments

There are 2 ways to grade assignments. The first way is grade within Moodle. The second way is to download the assignments, mark them, and re-upload them. 

Part 3.1: Grading within Moodle 

1. Go to the course page.

2. Click on the assignment that needs to be graded. 

3. Click "Grade". A window will open with the student's submission. Here you can annotate the file and enter the grade on the right. 

4. Switch users using the top right arrows or dropdown menu. 

5. Click "Save changes"

Part 3.2: Bulk downloading assignments

1. Go to the course page.

2. Click on the assignment that needs to be graded. 

3. Click "View all submissions".


4. In the dropdown menu, called "Grading action" choose "Download all submissions".

5. Submissions from students will all download into a .zip file. 

6. After marking, go back to the assignment in Moodle, click “View all submissions”, under “Grading action” choose “Upload multiple feedback files in a zip”. Add the graded .zip file there. Assignments will automatically be assigned to the correct student. 

7. Click "save changes".


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