Checking Grades from Moodle

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This tutorial will show you how to check your grades in Moodle.

Please note that not all instructors use Moodle to reports grades. 

1. Log into Moodle using your STFX username and password

Navigate to in your web browser.

2. Identify the Course you would like to checked grades for and click on it. 

3. Along the left side of your course page, go to Navigation, then click Grades. 

4. Your gradebook will look like this: 

In the above image: 

A represents your grade (3) out of 5 (B). Total mark for participation is 3/5 = 0.6 * 100 = 60%

C and D is your recalculated grade based on the weight of the participation mark on your total grade. In this example, participation is worth 10% of your final mark. 

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