Installing Read & Write Gold

Environment - Windows or Mac computer, stfx owned or personal

Problem: From hearing emails or documents read out loud to text prediction, picture dictionaries, summary highlighters and a grammar, spelling and confusable words checker, Read&Write makes lots of everyday literacy tasks simpler, quicker and more accurate.

Windows Installation

Windows Installation Files

  1. Click the link above to access the downloads.  Click download in the top of your screen
  2. Unzip the file from your downloads and locate and double click the setup file.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Launch Read&Write
  5. in the upper right corner sign in using your stfx credentials(full email)


MacOS Download

  1. Click download button
  2. Unzip the file from your downloads and locate and double click to run the MacRead&write12.dmg setup file.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions
  4. Launch Read&Write from our Applications and follow the system preference steps
  5. Launch Read&Write again after making the system preference changes
  6. Sign in using your Microsoft account and your stfx credentials (full email) when prompted and selecting work or school account
  7. Accept the Permissions Requested
  8. Click the Install now icon in the popup and hit the ADD button
  9. You may be prompted for additional system preference options while using Read&Write feature you will need to enable.  When these features are enabled you will need to re launch Read&Write for the new features to function.




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