T2202A Tax Form - Student Tuition and Enrollment Certificate

The tuition tax receipt (T2202) forms are available online only to the student at the end of February for the current tax year, other years are available all the time. 

*If you are a former student and have been gone from StFX for over one year and your stfx username is no longer active you will need to reach out to the business office to obtain your tax forms (studentaccounts@stfx.ca). 

If your account is active and you are experiencing log in issues please contact our IT Services at itservices@stfx.ca or phone (902) 867-2356.

Step 1: Connect to the Portal 

To Access Banner Self-Service:

  1. Open an Internet browser 
  2. Go to portal.stfx.ca
    • Please note Internet Explorer is no longer supported when accessing Banner, please use an alternate browser.
  3.  Login with your StFX credentials (same as moodle, and Office 365)


Username: x2019abc

Password: Same password used to access moodle

Trouble logging in?  Reset your passoword 

Step 2: Access Banner Self-Service




Note: If you do not remember your PIN information, you can enter your Student ID and click the "Forgot PIN" button. Upon your first Banner login, you would have created a security question that you can now answer to get into your account. If you do not remember this, you will need to contact IT Services to recover your PIN number.



Once you're logged in to Banner, click on "Student Services".



At the bottom of the screen, click on "Canadian Tax Forms".



Select the appropriate form from the list.



Click the Submit button, and a pop-up should open with your information. If nothing happens, your browser has pop-ups blocked by default and need to be turned on.

Need Help enabling pop-ups?

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