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Account Creation

Accounts for new users, or new application accounts for existing users.

STFX Alerts

StFX Alerts is a notification service that allows the University to quickly distribute messages about campus emergencies or closures to you via text messages. You can also register to receive email and/or voice messages.

StFX Alerts complements other tools currently used to communicate to the University community – use of campus-wide email, StFX social networks, local media, etc.

Enrolment is not mandatory; however, we do encourage all members of the campus community to register. The system will be used only to send emergency messages or to notify you of campus closures due to weather or other events.

Connecting Off Campus

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MyPassword is one stop shopping for all of your password needs. Here you can find any help articles for MyPassword.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication ensures user identity using something you know, your password and something you have, a mobile device or hardware token.


The new UKG system will provide a one-stop portal for all HR (Human Resources) functions including pay, benefits, leave tracking, and scheduling. Employees will have access to a self-service portal which will enable them to see and update their HR information, request time off and much more.

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