Remote Desktop - Windows


Before you connect to your Remote Desktop you must first make a request here: Request Remote Connection.

Make sure you are connected to StFX's Virtual Private Network (VPN). The guide on how to connect can be found here.

On the Computer you are remoting into ensure the following

  1. You are on the VPN
  2. The StFX account you will be using for logging in is an administrator of the machine
  3. You have obtan the computer name or ip addess of the system
  4. The computer is set up for Remote Desktop by checking the following settings
    • Right click on my computer the choose [properties] 
    • Select [Advanced system settings] from the left hand panel
    • On the [Remote] tab under the  [Remote Desktop] ensure this enabled with check mark in the box under the [Remote Desktop] ensure the second option [ Allow Connections for computer running any verion of remote desktop] is selected.


From the remote Computer

  1. Open Remote desktop
  2. Type in the computer name or ip address of the computer you are connecting to and press [Connect]
  3. Log in with StFX Credentials

  Tip: If connecting to an on Campus StFX System desktop from home you will require configuring the VPN Connection.

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Remote Desktop Connection allows users to have access to another computer from a remote location.