Common Moodle protocols videos

1. Hiding and Showing your Course -

This is a very important function that you must carry out. I have had numerous tickets come to me indicating that students cannot see your course. This video will demonstrate the steps required to show your course. Just as importantly, ‘hiding’ your course is a must. Once again, I receive numerous tickets asking why old courses are still in the student listing of Moodle courses.

2. Importing content into a new course -

It is the start of a new term and you would like to have all your content from a previous course merged/carried over into the upcoming course. This video will demonstrate the steps required to carry out the action.

3. Moodle Sharing Cart -

This video will demonstrate how using the ‘Sharing Cart,’ you could grab one item from another of your courses and place it in a current or upcoming course. This is a much better approach than using the Import option as you have to uncheck everything but the one item you are looking for.

4. How to back-up your Moodle course -

This is a practice that we need to make sure that we all carry out. Backing up the course along with student data or without is a must. Just as important is the downloading and deleting of the back-up which is described in the following video.

5. Downloading a Moodle course and Deleting it from Moodle - 

By carrying out the download and deleting of your previous course(s), we can minimize the storage we are currently paying for.

6. Importing excel marks into Moodle -

This video will demonstrate how you can take your spreadsheet (needs to be in a .csv format) and import it into Moodle. Once you import that spreadsheet, you will then have to place the ‘grade items’ (which is what the imported items become) into their proper ‘Categories’ which you would determine using your course syllabus.


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