Taking attendance for large classes using the Moodle attendance plugin

1. Login to Moodle and  "Turn Editing On" at the top of the course page:  

2. To add the attendance module on Moodle, click "+add an activity or resource".


4. A window will open. Click the option "Attendance":          

5. Name it and select Save and Display.   Along the top menu, click "Add session"

6. Enter the date of the first class in which you would like to take attendance and the time of the class:


7. Under Multiple Sessions, you can add all class sessions that occur at the same time

8. Under Student Recording, click "show more". Here you can allow students to record their own attendance. If you are allowing students to take their own attendance, make sure that you:

a) assign a password; or choose "random password"

b) leave automatic marking disabled

c) Check off the option to "require network access"

d) Under "Prevent students sharing IP address" choose "Specified time in minutes" in the dropdown and enter 60 in the box that appears on the right. This will stop students from taking attendance for their absent friends on their device. 


9. Click "Add". You will see new sessions. 


10. Click the gear button on the right to adjust the settings of the attendance session. The play button to take attendance. 

11. Once you have clicked on the gear, you can add a new and unique password for that day's class. If you did not choose Random password when setting up the session you will not be able to have Moodle provide a random password at this point.  If you want random password, delete the session and recreate it being sure to choose the random setting. 

12. You can then click "save changes" and at the beginning of your class, share the day's password with students. 


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