Upload a document to Moodle


1. Click on your Moodle page and go to the course you would like to edit. Then, click on the "Turn editing on" button under the gear in the top right of the page:

2. Under the topic that you want to upload a document, click on “add an activity or resource”. 

3. Select the "Resources" tab in the pop up window and choose “file” 



4. Give your document a title in the section called “name”. Each item that is uploaded in Moodle can have a description. If you check that radio button called “display description on course page” right below the description box, then your document will be uploaded with a description visible on the main page. If the description is too long, then it is better not to display it on the main page because the main page would look too busy and crowded. Above the description box you have all the editing tools that you have in a word document.

5. In the appearance section, you can choose how your document will display - new window, force download, and in pop-up are the preferred display methods.

6. Make sure you click on “save and return to course”.


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