Add a forum in Moodle

1. You can add new forum by clicking "Turn Editing On" at the top of the course page.

2. Next, go to the Topic and change its name to "Forum". You can do this by clicking directly on the Topic and entering the title. 

3. When you are ready to add a forum, click +add an activity or resource.

4. A screen will open and you will click the option "Forum". Click "Add" . Similar to adding files or resources, you can add a description, drag and drop files, etc. 

5. Give the forum a name. Under "Forum type" choose:

Single simple discussion
Only one topic, started by the instructor, is allowed. This is best suited for short-term, focused conversations.

Each person posts one discussion
Each student may start one new topic. Students are not limited in the number of replies they can post within those topics.

Q and A forum 
An instructor posts one topic, for example, posing a question to students. Students must post their response before they can view other students’ responses.

Standard forum for general use 
Allow multiple topics arranged in a threaded conversation. Students may start new topics in this format.

Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format 
Allow multiple topics listed with the most recent topic at the top of the page and replies behind a link. Students may start new topics in this format.

Individual student journals
Moodle does not come with a preset option for student journals, but you can set one up using a forum to create either a private journal where only instructors can read student posts, or blog-like individual journals that everyone on the course can read.

This unique forum is automatically created in each course for instructors to post announcements. By default, comments are not allowed, only instructors and TAs can post to the forum, and all course participants receive an email copy of each post.

6. Under "Subscription and tracking", choose which type of subscription you would like to have for this forum. 

7. Under "Restrict access" you can prevent access to the forum. The most useful is the "date" option which prevents access until (or from) a specified date and time. 

8. Click save. 


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