Finding Your Serial Number

To find your Serial Number please follow the appropriate steps below.


  • Dell computers and laptops should have an asset tag on the bottom that will have all the information you need, a sample asset tag is included below:
  • The Serial Number will be listed as the "Service Tag"
  • The model will be the "Dell System Tag".
  • Please contact IT Services if your Dell device doesn't have this.


  • Lenovo laptops and towers will typically have a black sticker on them containing the serial number.
  • If it is a laptop, the serial number tag can be found on the bottom. The model for Lenovo laptops is typically also located on the bottom of the laptop.
  • For Lenovo towers, the serial tag is found on the tower of sides of the tower. The model is usually displayed on the front of the tower where the power button is located.

St FX Asset Stickers

  • If your asset has been entered into the IT Services asset tracking system, it will have the following sticker. Providing the asset ID (highlighted) will help IT Services provide service to your device.


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