Lyris Messages with Attachments being rejected

Tags Lyris

Environment: Stfx accounts sending to Lyris List Servs (<listname> receiving undeliverable messages.


Problem: Messages with PDF attachment sent through Lyris are being rejected.


Solutions for rejected lyris messages with attachment tend to vary case by case.  Try the following options as a solution.

  • Try opening the attachment and re-saving with another name and resend
  • Try embedding (or copying the  the pdf in the body
  • Try removing any links in the attachment.
  • Remove any borders in the attachment

If you have tried these options and are still unable to distribute your message submit a Lyris ticket  including your attachments and indicating you have attempted to the suggested fixes.




Article ID: 89240
Wed 10/23/19 4:46 PM
Thu 10/24/19 12:13 PM