StFX Devices Acceptable Off Campus Usage

If you are using a device you do not typically use, you should ensure you are able to log on prior to leaving campus.  To log on ensure you are plugged into the ethernet cable and using your most recent StFX password.

The use of StFX University supplied computers/laptops is required for temporary work from home arrangements where access to administrative systems (Banner, OneSolution) is needed.  


Equipment Care

Workspace, equipment, and protection of proprietary and other information employees approved for temporary work from home arrangements are responsible for maintaining a suitable and secure off-site workspace. University-owned computers may not be used for personal use or shared with any other person.  

High touch surfaces should be clean frequently this includes your electronic devices.  Instructions on cleaning devices

Your home Internet Connection

Your home connection should be:

  • High speed
  • Password protected

Staying Updated

All StFX systems must periodically check in with the StFXvnetwork to ensure Trend Antivirus and Microsoft Updates are applied.   To do so, connect to the StFXVPN. 

Installing FortiClient VPN

Seaside Wireless customers may experience connectivity and/or performance issues when connecting to the VPN.   If you are a Seaside Wireless customer and are experiencing issues, you are encouraged to contact Seaside customer service team at  1-888-965-5511.  


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